Summertime Sides & Salads eCookbook

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The Sidesmith’s Summertime Sides and Salads eCookbook is packed with easy to make summer ready dishes. Enjoy all the produce the warm months have to offer and cook up a feast everyone will enjoy!


When the fresh produce section of your greengrocer or local market starts to bloom in colour and variety, you know that summer is here. Nothing beats that feeling when you are spoilt for choice, and the abundance is bigger than your tummies. You simply can’t consume it all at once, but you sure wish you could!

At The Sidesmith, we have honed in on all the amazing produce the warm months have to offer. Our side and salad recipes are easy to make and are restaurant quality. 

Offering a wide variety across the 30 never seen before recipes, you’ll find a recipe for every occasion. Bake, sauté, toss, chop, under 15 minutes, no cooking – you name it, we have it.  

Time to lift up your sides game as you dust off the covers of the BBQ and enjoy the glorious sun! No summer feasting is complete without this eCookbook!

Why you need this eCookbook:

⇒ 30 delicious sides and salads using supermarket ingredients.

⇒ All recipes come with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions.

⇒ Great for weekday meals and stunning enough for entertaining.

⇒ US Customary and metric ingredient measurements for ease of use. 

⇒ All recipes have dietary indications.

⇒ Bonus tips to ensure best results.


About The Sidesmith

The Sidesmith is made up of Amy, Phenie and Sammy, recipe creators living in Melbourne, Australia. Their love for all things sides have seen them create a comprehensive website filled with hundreds of FREE side dish, salad and salad dressing recipes.

Their recipes are vegetable-centric, which makes for much-needed additions to any dinner table. They love to hone in on what’s seasonal, exciting and most importantly, understanding how to meld different ingredients together to make a new side. 

If you would like to get your hands on any new recipes as they are published, be sure to sign up to their newsletter.

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